Bedtime stories – Julia Dragomir


Format ePub, 94 pages


Stories are very important in children’s lives, for they greatly impact their thinking, learning, and development in many ways. They expand children’s imagination and enhance their empathy and sense of wonder. Stories can also instill ethical principles as they model positive behaviours. Moreover, they provide an alternative, fictitious universe where everything is possible. In this safe and magical realm of stories, children can err and fail without severe consequences and try out possible outcomes and solutions to any problem they may face. All in all, not only do stories shape the intellect but also the personality and character of a young person.

The stories in this collection aim to be captivating, informative, educational, and fun to read and act out through dramatic play but also enjoyable in moments of relaxation. They are presented in a child-friendly manner, and they promote moral values and positive behaviours. The principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion are also approached in a way that our little people can easily comprehend and successfully exercise in their daily lives, which is the greatest plus of this storybook.


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