POOLOs, namely Schwartz Paranoia – Gheorghe Schwartz


Paperback, A5 format, 400 pages


„From the beginning, the author tells us that “Gough’s real name is Poolo.”

For me, since I’ve only read just a few lines, the author’s real name is not Schwartz, but Kafka! A different kind of Kafka, perhaps, who isn’t shipwrecked at the absurd edge of our normal world. That would be too simple.

Reading, we go through all sorts of situations that are too absurd to be also trivial. It’s just that the people who populate that world don’t want to make us sad but laugh along with us at what they themselves are going through. No matter what kind of trials life puts the hero of the book through, for example, he is not overwhelmed by the absurd world, but passes laughing even through death.

Alongside this nice man called either Gough or Poolo, or even in him, for he seems another side of the coin, lives Finch, dishonest and dangerous, but Silar also appears. In all this madness of faces, only the convention of names can make sense. An absurd one, of course.

In this world, where names are the only distinguishing factor, there is one certainty. We may call it God, but because it’s his world, we’ll call it Schwartz.

Is that too short?

All right, then we’ll call it Schwartz Paranoia.”

Eugene Matzota


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