The Best for the Dead. Traces of Darkness – Evra Gart


Două piese de teatru, scrise de Evra Gart și traduse din română în engleză de Ovidiu Constantin Cornilă.

Ediția print, format A5, 106 pagini

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Fourth scene

Same location of the first stage. Max and Hercules are talking privately, whispering. Hercules is dressed in the same tuxedo except without the hat. Max is wearing the same shorts. Agatha and M. M are dressed the same as in the previous scenes. Agatha goes to meet Miss Marple:

Agatha:                   Good evening!

Miss Marple:        Hello, it’s very hot.

(Agatha not to be heard)

Agatha:                   Nothing about today.

Miss Marple (whispering):

Ok, I’m trying… nothing!

Agatha (coming back):

Come, I want to introduce Mr. Poirot! You already know Max.

(Introductions are made)

Hercules:               Pleased to meet you, Madame!

(Shaking hands)

Miss Marple:        The pleasure is mine. I’ve been beholding your fantastic career, I’ve read so many interesting things…

Agatha:                   Shall we drop the formalities now, have some tea? Max, help yourself!

Max:                         Right away!

(The three of them head for the table. Max sets down four cups of tea and serves, then sits down in turn)

Miss Marple:        Mr. Poirot, I’ve heard a lot about you, the truth is that you have the inclination.

Hercules:               I don’t know, madam, I can’t judge, I leave everything to people, everyone has the satisfaction of their own work, I don’t.

Miss Marple:        For a Belgian you are very good.

Agatha:                   Miss Marple, I didn’t know you had problems with Belgians…

Miss Marple:        No, I really don’t, far from it, but it’s strange that a Belgian came to us.

Agatha:                   Let’s not offend Mr. Poirot, he really doesn’t deserve it.

Max:                         Yes, I confirm my dear, we mustn’t offend.

Hercules:               I’m not offended, calm down!

Miss Marple:        You’ve done wonderfully well in everything situations we’ve followed, maybe we’re a bit different technically, you know what I mean?

Agatha:                   The truth is, I didn’t know how to manage without you, Mr. Poirot.

Miss Marple:        No one is irreplaceable, we all need change.

Max:                         All of them? You’re joking. I don’t have to. Reality shows that our professions are intertwined, we dig in the ground, you dig in people’s consciousness, that’s why I prefer not to make major changes, for now.

Agatha:                   Thank you very much Max, as I have agreed and signed, each of us does what we can.

Agatha (to Poirot):

Mr. Poirot, when we get back will you go to morals?

Hercules:               I’ll try, Madame! One more try, it doesn’t die.

Miss Marple:        And we’ll be the happy storytellers of love stories and encounters… Oh, how I love!

Agatha:                   You’ll show you haven’t aged in vain.

Miss Marple:        I’ll try!

Agatha:                   Tomorrow morning we’re invited to the auditorium, I’ll watch you in the audience.

Miss Marple:        I’ll be obedient.

Hercules:               Of course, madame.

Max:                         We’ll support you, my dear.

Agatha:                   Thank you for today! I had a torturous day, I have a lot of work to do, I must retire. I’ll leave you in Max’s company.




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