The Little Book/Cartea cea mică


Paperback, A5 format, 172 pages


“His blood flowed over my womb, comprising my giblets which burned like the embers. And I heard: “Don’t be afraid, sonny, obey the Lord and in Him One to strengthen and will be good.”

Then in my mouth was sweet like the honey, but belly was bitter as gall.

And I said: “I am, Lord, for You lute and whistle, for behold, Your eternal winds blow in them and the sheep will recognize the song of the true Pastor.”

Was only Lord God and nothing more.

Was only our Father who is himself the perfection.

And was good! And was holly!

But He gave birth, His son from His Spirit and Heart.

And He loved first Him, because He was from the Father.

And He loved Him, because the son was only love.

And He loved Him, because God was himself Love!

And was good! And was holly!

Because He begot His child skilful in all divine things,

Support Him with caress.

And give the praise to Father of virgin mirroring.

That’s why He was putting His huge love inside and outside.

If the sun was there, then it could get blind of her light!”

Andrei Buruiană


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